About It's a Cryin' Shame

It’s a Cryin’ Shame is a collection of original artwork created by a Finn living in Canada, who happens to be into weird and creepy things.

Born out of a daily art challenge, often depicting strange phenomena, as well as everyday objects and animals, the simple black and grey linework drawings translated well to physical prints and products, and the store was born. The objective of It's a Cryin' Shame is to take weird, often obvious, occasionally subtle, sometimes funny (and dry) references and turning them into art that can appeal to everyone.

The name was inspired by a 60s British pop group, The Cryin’ Shames. 

Questions about the store? Check out the FAQ, or email us at hello@itsacryinshame.com


All artwork is created by Metta Pusa, who has been drawing her entire life, enjoying many different mediums, recently having taken to digital painting and drawing (and flattering self-portraits). 

Spooky season is year round.